Company: First Peachtree Finance, Inc.

Company:  First Peachtree Finance, Inc. 

Nature of Complaint: Vehicle loan; Problems when you are unable to pay 

Result: Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

Response from Company: Closed with explanation

Complaint:  The XXXX of the company XXXX XXXX Is A XXXX, And The Company Is Very Dirty, Not Only Charged me 3 Times as much as the car is worth, but also would n’t work with me to help me keep my car, even Tho XXXX XXXX Lied and said he would, I had {$4700.00} left on a {$13000.00} Loan, not gon na lie I fell on hard times, and let them know that I ‘d be missing some payments, but when I got back on track I ‘d resume payments, also told XXXX XXXX that if I fell too far behind to call me and if I had n’t made a payment I would, but instead of calling me, he just waited til I called and tried to make a payment, but instead of letting me resume payments, he threatened to put a warrant out for my arrest, even tho he knew I already was facing legal troubles, they claim that they try to help you avoid collections or repossessions activity, but that ‘s a lie, they ‘re just crooked money hungry bloodsuckers, also would n’t even give me time to get important, valuable property out of my car, cause the car was at mechanic shop at time of repo, and actually if you also include all The repair work I had done on the car, even tho my loan was n’t paid up I had still paid XXXX times more than the car was worth … There really should be laws in place that protect consumers that have invested alot of money in something especially if it ‘s more than half, from XXXX like FIRST PEACHTREE FINANCE INC. And They Did n’t Even Offer To Let Me Refinance.. ( 1366753)


Submitted on 5/28/15 by a consumer in GA