Company: FC HoldCo LLC

Company:  FC HoldCo LLC 

Nature of Complaint: Installment loan; Problems when you are unable to pay 

Result: Company believes complaint represents an opportunity for improvement to better serve consumers

Response from Company: Closed with monetary relief

Complaint:  The loan company, Flagship Credit Acceptance, has been asked in writing more than XXXX, and on the phone more than XXXX to cease from calling me at my place of employment as it is not allowed. They continue to ignore this request/demand and have called here again today, giving XXXX of my co-workers a snide attitude. I have asked them in writing to stop harassing my friends and family members as well to no avail. After a certain amount of tie goes by, they seem to feel justified to call my work and other contacts. This loan is up to date and the payment they are starting to harass me over is only a few days late. I have had enough with this company ‘s bad business practices and judging from other complaints I have read, I am not alone.. ( 1333019)


Submitted on 4/20/15 by a consumer in CT


Company:  FC HoldCo LLC 

Nature of Complaint: Vehicle loan; Managing the loan or lease 

Result: Company chooses not to provide a public response

Response from Company: Closed with non-monetary relief

Complaint:  30 days late assesd to account ( car was refinanced ] XXXX/XXXX/15 ccheck XXXX check XXXX payment XXXX file closed. ( 1307907)


Submitted on 3/31/15 by a consumer in FL