Company: Coastal Credit, LLC

Company:  Coastal Credit, LLC 

Nature of Complaint: Vehicle loan; Problems when you are unable to pay 


Response from Company: Closed with explanation

Complaint:  On XXXX/XXXX/2015 at XXXX a voice mail was left on my phone XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX from XXXX XXXX XXXX ext XXXX. The person on the phone advised she was calling to speak with XXXX XXXX XXXX my step daughter ) regarding an auto loan with their company. She also said that this is a pretty serious situation that requires her immediate attention. My voice mail gives my name, not XXXX ‘s. Immediately after she called my cell number, she called my husband ‘s cell ( XXXX XXXX ). She advised him that that XXXX was behind on an auto loan and that legal proceedings had been started against her. In both instances this woman ( her name is XXXX XXXX ) disclosed information to a third party, she advised legal proceedings were taking place when in fact they ca n’t be as XXXX does not have a loan with them. I returned the call to the phone number listed on my caller id ( XXXX ) and asked for extension XXXX. XXXX XXXX answered and advised me that she had spoke to my daughter. I then asked her if she was aware of the FDCPA and she said yes. I asked why she had disclosed information on my voice-mail and then to my husband. She said she is following the FDCPA guidelines. FDCPA clearly states that the person calling can not leave a message advising someone has debt or disclose to someone who is a third party. This makes XXXX violations and possibly more. We are also aware that they contacted XXXX ‘s mother XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX on her cell phone with the same information. I do have the recording of the phone message on my phone if it is needed. I also find it interesting that when I called the company XXXX XXXX could not find the information immediately and made the comment that it was under the last name of XXXX ( XXXX ‘s former married name ) but when she left the message on my phone and also when she spoke with my husband she used the correct name of XXXX. Please be advised that no one in my family owes a debt to this company.. ( 1323977)


Submitted on 4/9/15 by a consumer in MI