Company: Bank of the West

Company:  Bank of the West 

Nature of Complaint: Vehicle loan; Managing the loan or lease 


Response from Company: Closed with explanation

Complaint:  I have had several phone calls rom bank of the west, concerning missed l loanloan payments.after several calls and going over the same reasons why I stoped paymentstoped payments.I agreed to voluntary reprosession of said vehicle. As Ionly had the vehicle in my position for aproxmatly 3 weeks since XX/XX/XXXX to date. Bank of the west said they were taking the vehicleto auction and selling. I have never ben advised of when where or howmuch it was sold for. I have received nothing in writing.My credit report said the account was closed and paid in full. Now since XX/XX/XXXX I have received XXXX phone calls from someone who says they oursays they our collection agency.Asking for my social security and address .I told them if they our from the Bank of The West they should have that infoinfo.I felt it was a scam and hungup. I have received no written noticesince being contacted in XX/XX/XXXX by Bank of the West for a latepayment and advising of voluntary Reprossion.. ( 1357850)


Submitted on 5/2/15 by a consumer in PA