Company: Auto Advantage Finance, LLC

Company:  Auto Advantage Finance, LLC 

Nature of Complaint: Vehicle loan; Taking out the loan or lease 

Result: Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

Response from Company: Closed with explanation

Complaint:  I had bought a vehicle from Express Credit Auto in XXXX. When we signed the contract, the salesman put a stack of papers in front of me and had me sign one after another without letting me read them. He said it was n’t necessary because it was all standard paper work. I asked him if the Vehicle had a cutoff device, he said that they no longer used those devises. In 2014 I went through several months where I was having problems paying. Express credit said that they would put the payments to the end of the contract. Later I was at my brothers house and when I tried to leave the van would not start. I was 3 days late on the payment. when I called them they said I would have to make the payment plus a cutoff fee or they would n’t turn on the van. That ‘s when I found out that the van had a GPS Tracker with a cutoff switch and that they had lied about the cutoff switch. I also found out that they could track every place that I went. They agreed to turn on the van but it would immediately disable if I made another stop. I was forced to go directly to the dealership and make the payment. I consider this a form of soft repo. Later I went and got a ledger of payments from them and on reading the ledger, I found out that they had closed the original contract that I signed and refinanced the vehicle without my knowledge or consent. They also showed on the ledger that they had returned {$6700.00} dollars to me during the refinance. I never received this money or saw a check made to me. They also altered they contract by adding a personal protection insurance on the vehicle in the amount of {$2300.00} without my consent which made my payments go up. I am now in the process of fighting them because they committed fraud by closing out the contract, refinancing, and altering the contract to their benefit. Also by telling me that the vehicle did not have a cutoff device with GPS. I feel that by tracking my vehicle everywhere I went, constitutes an invasion of privacy.. ( 1387772)


Submitted on 6/22/15 by a consumer in OK