Company: Atlanticus Services Corporation

Company:  Atlanticus Services Corporation 

Nature of Complaint: Installment loan; Managing the loan or lease 

Result: Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law

Response from Company: Closed

Complaint:  We have a loan with XXXX. It shows up on our credit report as a credit card. They will NOT accept a payment via a credit card, only debit or, their preferred method, direct access to our bank account. We have thoroughly reviewed our agreement and the payment options on THEIR website, and it does NOT say that credit cards can NOT be used for payments. Upon making a payment, by debit card on the phone, only a confirmation number is given, with no way to request or print a receipt. They do n’t give receipts, not even by email.. ( 1392459)


Submitted on 5/29/15 by a consumer in TX