Company: AC Autopay, LLC

Company:  AC Autopay, LLC 

Nature of Complaint: Vehicle lease; Problems when you are unable to pay 


Response from Company: Closed with explanation

Complaint:  I want to file a complain, against AC Auto pay. I least a vehicle with this company in the past.. Back in XX/XX/XXXX I decided to terminated my lease and return the vehicle. At the time I only owed {$7000.00} on the vehicle. This lease was a option to buy at the end of the lease. And so every month when I make a payment. Money was put a side to buy the vehicle. At the time when I return the vehicle I have {$3000.00} save to but this vehicle. AC Auto pay sell this vehicle and put on my credit report that I owed {$5400.00} dollars. Which is wrong. Today I call and trying to settle this account. The representative and I came to a settlement of {$3500.00}. We divided it up into XXXX payment XXXX payment on XX/XX/XXXX XXXX payment on XX/XX/XXXX and the XXXX payment on XX/XX/XXXX I tell the representative that I need something in writing that we settle fro this amount plus I will not make any payment before this letter. She said If I do n’t give her my checking account are credit cared this offer is null and void and so she hang-up the phone on me.. ( 1375035)


Submitted on 5/14/15 by a consumer in FL