What is a Starter Interrupt Device?


buyherepayhereTechnology continues to evolve the way we do business… and the true goes for car financing and collections.

Many BHPH dealers are starting to use starter interrupt devices in order to control customer collections. The devices can easily and affordably help dealers prevent the customer from turning on the financed car.¬† Starter interrupt devices are also used to track the car’s location using GPS technology.


BHPH dealers (Buy Here, Pay Here are car dealerships offering in-house financing) are not the only ones using this technology. The devices are also used in DUI cases, by rental companies and by some corporations to control and protect their assets.

When you don’t pay your light bill, the lights get cut off… now your car can get shut down as well.

If you’re uncomfortable with this idea, do yourself a favor and ask your Buy Here Pay Here dealer if starter interrupt devices are used before you sign that contract.

Ah yes.. Here is a small sample of companies that sell these devices:

  • Cal Amp – Aercept
  • Payment Sentry
  • Locator Technologies
  • MobileStarGPS
  • PassTime USA
  • Payment Protection Systems
  • PayTeck
  • RentalTrack.com
  • RCI Wireless Control
  • SKYWatch GPS LLC